Helen Clark visits China

Nov 25, 2009

UNDP Administrator Helen Clark visits China where UNDP has worked over the past three decades. During her visit she met with Premier Wen Jiabao. They discussed moving the long-time development relationship to a new level of a strategic partnership in which China and UNDP could work together to carry out trilateral development projects for the benefit of other countries. China’s relevant experiences in poverty reduction, clean energy, green economy, climate adaptation could constitute some of the areas of exchanges for South-South cooperation.

Helen Clark also met with the Minister of Commerce, Mr. Chen Deming,their discussion centred on the potential impact that a new strategic partnership between UNDP and China could have, particularly on African countries and their efforts to reach the Millennium Development Goals. Lessons can be drawn from China’s experience in pulling millions out of poverty. Such a partnership could also allow for exchanges of technical and other forms of assistance in adapting to and mitigating the impact of climate change, meeting the huge clean energy needs in Africa, and fostering small and medium sized enterprises.

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