UNDP Administrator visits the Democratic Republic of Congo

Jun 15, 2009

During her first trip to Africa as Administrator, Helen Clark visited a UNDP-supported voter registration center in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Miss Clark arrived in the capital Kinshasa after visiting Liberia.

UNDP and the international community continue to support the Congolese government and people in its efforts to hold transparent and fair local elections.  As a first step towards holding local elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Independent Electoral Commission began registering new voters on June 7.  The registration will continue for 60 days in Kinshasa and will then be rolled out to the rest of the country.  More than 6 million new voters are expected to register using 6,000 portable registration kits that include include a laptop to enter the data, a webcam, a fingerprint scanner, a printer and a generator.

Miss Clark said she was happy with how the process was proceeding.  "I was very impressed by the sophistication of the operation, the computerized method and the ability to issue instantly," she said.

Miss Clark later visited eastern Congo before continuing her African tour to Ethiopia.

Video: Helen Clark in the Democratic Republic of Congo

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