UNDP supports elections in Haiti

Apr 21, 2009

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Marc-Andre Franche, UNDP Deputy Director in Haiti speaks to us about his impressions on Election Day, highlighting the lessons learned to better prepare for the second round of election on June 7th, 2009. 

New York - Haiti held its first round of national elections on April 19th.  More than 4.1 million Haitians were eligible to vote for one third of the Senate – to appoint 12 senators out of 79 candidates. Given the history of previous elections, Haitians and the international community were pleased that the elections proceeded smoothly, with very little violence.  But they were disappointed at the low level of participation, that only reach 12 percent.

Working closely with Haitian authorities, the United Nation Peacekeepers guarded more than 9,000 polling stations and secured the transportation of ballot boxes from voting centres back to Port-au-Prince. 

Being the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere – with 78 percent of the people living on less than US$ 2 per day and more than half living on less than $1 per day – UNDP and partners work with the Haitian government to put the country on track for long-term development.  During this first round of elections, UNDP supported the national institution in the planning process, providing the ballots and helping with the organization. 

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