Farmers to receive compensation for damaged property in Gaza

Feb 26, 2009

Jerusalem – The United Nations Development Programme and the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement today allocating US$270 million for the restoration of the agricultural sector in Gaza.  The agreement consists of a compensation package to Palestinian farmers for property damaged during the most recent military operations in Gaza. It also entails direct rehabilitation of the damaged infrastructure, including damaged orchards, fisheries, livestock, green houses, irrigation and roads.

Compensation will be provided in direct cash grants to those who lost property and in the form of paid employment to farmers.

The direct cash compensation and infrastructure rehabilitation component will start next week and will be implemented over a period of 9 months.  Close to eighteen thousand farmers will benefit from this initial phase of the package which will cost over US$ 109 million.

The paid employment aspect of this compensation package will commence in a few weeks and will extend over a period of two years. 

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