Virtual One UN office emerges in Tanzania

Feb 3, 2009

Six technical specialists from within the ranks of the UN came to Dar es Salaam on 9 November to help develop a single UN Information and Communications Technology (ICT) network.

Tanzania’s effort follows a similar initiative already underway in Mozambique to implement a "virtual UN office" linking different parts of the UN system with one another.   This model is breaking new ground and providing a useful ICT model for other "Delivering as One" countries. The goal is to stop duplicating efforts, designing a single set of new infrastructures that are designed according to the UN's own practices and security guidelines.

A common ICT network will help UN staff to communicate more easily and will significantly reduce ICT costs by around USD 150,000 per year. The technical design will cover all agencies in Dar es Salaam. Implementation will start in 2009.

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