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  •  Value Chains: Supporting inclusive markets in agriculture and trade in UgandaOct 14, 2014Value Chains: Supporting inclusive markets in agriculture and trade in UgandaGrace Lawilu, a rice farmer in northern Uganda, has increased her income with support from a UNDP project that helps small scale farmers improve their products and access international markets.

  • 'People, planet, profit' jumpstarts progress in TajikistanAug 2, 2013'People, planet, profit' jumpstarts progress in TajikistanTajikistan is investing in green businesses, helping drive development that improves livelihoods while considering the environment.

  • Bangladesh: Transforming life in the slumsFeb 10, 2014Bangladesh: Transforming life in the slumsA poverty-reduction programme offers poor urban communities resources, knowledge and skills to increase their income, as well as spaces to mobilise and create community development committees.

  • Benin: New opportunities for young graduatesMar 20, 2013Benin: New opportunities for young graduatesBenin’s labour market is unable to support its university graduates, so a project is helping them start small businesses.

  • Biodiversity projects improve lives in ChinaMay 29, 2013Biodiversity projects improve lives in ChinaThe United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in partnership with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF), identified 18 villages in the area to carry out community-based projects aimed at conserving biodiversity and improving local people’s livelihoods.

  • Bolivia: On the way towards eliminating malariaMay 15, 2014Bolivia: On the way towards eliminating malariaMalaria eradication programme targets an area accountable for 85% of the disease cases in Bolivia. The country plans to eradicate malaria by 2020.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: A step to end stigma over HIVFeb 6, 2014Bosnia and Herzegovina: A step to end stigma over HIVThe birth of an HIV-negative baby to infected parents is a milestone in the country's effort to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination.

  • Brazil eco-stoves empower indigenous womenJan 14, 2013Brazil eco-stoves empower indigenous womenWith new eco-stoves that retain heat longer and are easier to oversee, thousands of indigenous people in Brazil are able to lead healthier lives.

  • Breaking the glass ceiling in PakistanAug 22, 2014Breaking the glass ceiling in PakistanPakistan's Women's Parliamentary Caucus is working to promote gender-sensitive legislation and reform discriminatory laws and practices.

  • Broadening career opportunities in GuatemalaSep 29, 2014Broadening career opportunities in GuatemalaA UNDP -supported project aims to promote educational opportunities and facilitate the employment of young people from the most vulnerable sectors of Guatemala City .

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