Women's Empowerment

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Ensuring Gender Equity in Climate Change Financing

Climate change impacts - and the global community’s responses - have significant social, economic and environmental implications, including on issues of gender equality. This publication examines these links between gender equality, climate change and achievement of the Millennium Developmentmore


Financial and Economic Crisis - Guidance Note

This Guidance Note highlights the differentiated impacts of the ongoing crisis on poor women and men and the associated implications for economic development and growth. It makes recommendations for UNDP country offices and their national partners for harmonizing their actions and for assistingmore


Policy Brief: Unpaid Care Work

This Policy Brief provides insight into to the importance of addressing issues of gender equality and unpaid carework in national development policies and strategies. It targets UNDP country offices and their national counterparts (e.g., national, regional and local governments andmore


Gender Responsive E-governance: Exploring the Transformative Potential

This primer highlights some of the key gender-related issues regarding e-governance in the context of UNDP’s Democratic Governance work. It presents entry points for continued programming on gender and e-governance and makes recommendations for closing the existing gender gap in specificmore


Arab Human Development Report 2009

Arab Human Development Reports (AHDRs) engage institutions and citizens in the Arab countries in global concerns so as to build understanding and consensus around regional and national development priorities. They also identify disadvantaged groups of population and regions and suggest policies,more


UNDP Annual Report 2009

The report outlines steps taken in 2008 to assist countries in developing their capacities to respond to citizens’ needs and reports on concrete actions undertaken by UNDP to deliver on commitments made.  The demand from developing countries for capacity development support, especially in themore


Resource Guide on Gender and Climate Change

Poor women's limited access to resources, restricted rights, limited mobility and muted voices in shaping decisions make them highly vulnerable to climate change. This resource guide aims to inform practitioners and policy makers of the linkages between gender equality and climate change. more


Europe and CIS Regional Human Development Report 2008

The human cost of social exclusion   The report draws on data from an innovative six-country research study conducted by UNDP together with Oxford University researchers and local social research institutes and organisations of people living with HIV that looked at exclusion in the health,more


Innovative Approaches to Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

Written for the High-level Event Partnership Meeting on the MDG3 Global Call to Action, this publication addresses the lack of progress on women's economic empowerment, and highlights promising and innovative approaches from all regions of the world. more


UNDP Annual Report 2008

In early 2007, the world economy was still in its third year of exceptionally rapid growth, progress which has had a positive impact on poverty reduction in general.  By mid-2007, however, it was clear that developing countries would have to respond to a great deal of uncertainty in the globalmore


Chemicals Management: The why and how of mainstreaming gender

The publication, part of the Gender Mainstreaming Guidelines Series, provides an approach to mainstreaming gender in chemicals management, together with a discussion of priorities for UNDP support to assist partners with mainstreaming gender considerations at each step of a national process tomore


Electoral Financing to Advance Women's Political Participation

This primer offers an introduction to the intersection of gender and electoral financing. Money is a prerequisite for competing in most political systems today, but patterns of gender discrimination force women candidates to make do with more limited resources than men. more


UNDP Annual Report 2007

"Globalization has fundamentally altered the world economy, creating winners and losers. Reducing inequalities both within and between countries, and building a more inclusive globalization is the most important development challenge of our time."-Kermal Dervis UNDPmore


Quick Entry Points to Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality in Democratic Governance Clusters

This paper explores some of the most common questions on gender, recalls basic obligations for UNDP staff, and develops a human rights-based approach to practical tools for democratic governance practitioners in terms of gender programming.   more


UNDP Annual Report 2006

With the advent of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the years prior to 2006 had seen UNDP scale up its activities in a major way.  2005 was an important year for the development agenda, with the international community reaffirming its commitment to the MDGs.  Recent years havemore

UNDP Global Programme
2014 to 2017

The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to provide coherent global policy advice and programme support services, based on country and regional programme experiences and drawing on the pool of evidence, knowledge and expertise gained by UNDP across all development settings.

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UNDP's Annual Report
New Partnerships for Development

Our 2013-2014 Annual Report spotlights results from actions across core dimensions of development, from jobs and food security, to well-run elections, to crisis recovery, to the management of finite natural resources.

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Gender Equality and UNDP

The promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women is central to the mandate of the United Nations Development Programme. Gender equality, centered in human rights, is critical to achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and sustainable development.

Fast Facts: Gender in Crisis Countries

UNDP works to expand women’s citizenship, participation and leadership, and advance women as decision-makers.

Our work on Women's Empowerment
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