Results: Poverty Reduction

05 Apr 2013


UNDP fights poverty and works toward achievement of the MDGs through advocacy; diagnosis of existing problems; support to pro-poor country-level plans and policies; and pursuing a programme of inclusive development.


In 2010 UNDP developed the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF), providing a systematic way for countries to develop their own action plans based on existing best-practices in other countries. The Framework helps governments in particular respond to the needs of the poor and other vulnerable groups. To date, the Framework has been rolled out in more than 44 countries across the world.


UNDP Highlights:

  • Supported 50 countries in introducing social protection schemes that specifically include youth, women and vulnerable groups.
  • Established pro-poor public/private partnerships in 22 countries.
  • Piloted successful povery reduction projects, allowing for scaling up or replication in 89 countries.
  • Assisted 29 countries in adopting official policies that promote small enterprises and women's entreprenuership.

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