Results: Democratic Governance

Published on 25 Sep 2012

Document Summary

Democratic governance is a cornerstone of the United
Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) work as it is instrumental
to empowering nations and communities in 177 countries and
territories around the world and advancing the Millennium
Development Goals (MDGs).


UNDP supports governments to establish effective, fair,
responsive and independent electoral, justice and security
institutions and processes that promote the rule of law and
resilience, particularly for women, marginalized and
vulnerable groups.


  • Fostering inclusive participation: In Tunisia, UNDP helped mobilize a record number of young people to participate in the country’s first democratic election in October 2011 through traditional and social media campaigns.
  • Promoting rule of law and access to justice: In Democratic Republic of the Congo, UNDP support for the establishment of mobile courts and legal aid centres resulted in the conviction of 193 members of the police and army for mass rapes and crimes against humanity
  • Mainstreaming international principles: In the countries of Montenegro and Serbia and in Kosovo, UNDP has helped over 34,000 Roma and their families to access health care and other social services thanks to a programme that provides them with much-needed legal status
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