Institutional changes for gender equality in UNDP

22 Aug 2011

Gender equality and women’s empowerment are human rights that lie at the heart of development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  As the UN development agency, empowering women is a prerequisite for success, affecting all aspects of our work.  What does this mean for UNDP? It means changing the way we do business both in terms of programming as well as our internal processes and structures. In order to level the playing field for women and girls, we are supporting stronger knowledge management and communication mechanisms, putting in place far more robust systems of accountability, building the capacity and human resource management approaches needed to ensure results in each of our focus areas, and developing the necessary team and networking competencies to succeed. In short, just as we have to reshape the way the world thinks about women, we are challenging our own organizational culture by tackling attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

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