Fast Facts: UN joint debris projects, rubble feeds into urban upgrade

21 Sep 2012


The 12 January 2010 earthquake created an estimated 10 million cubic metres of debris from which more than 75% have now been cleared thanks to the Government of Haiti (GoH) - identifying debris removal and management as one of the top priorities for the recovery process – and to the Haitian people for taking an active part in it.


The United Nations, as an active member of the Debris Management Working Group (DMWG) - a coordination platform for international and national actors working in debris management – is maintaining its support to the GoH for the implementation of the National Debris Management Strategy and in establishing adequate information, standardization and tracking mechanisms for debris removal and recycling.


The successful outputs of debris recycling along 2012, both in terms of urban upgrading and housing opportunities, have constituted strong milestones of UN support to national institutions

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