Fast Facts: UNDP and Climate Change in Africa

05 Dec 2011

Document Summary

Africa will be the continent hardest hit by climate change because it faces more severe climatic effects than other regions, its economies rely on climate-dependent sectors such as agriculture, and its capacities to cope and adapt are generally limited.

With its presence in every African country and its extensive network of partners across the continent, UNDP provides services to help African countries and regional institutions to incorporate climate mitigation and adaptation into their strategies so they can attain substainable, people-centred development.

Document Highlights

  • According to the World Bank, even a minimum rise in temperature could cause permanent GDP losses of 4-5 percent for Africa.
  • The right combination of solar and hydropower could meet 80 percent of the continent's electricity standards.
  • African forests absorb 20 percent of the carbon that is absorbed by trees across the world.

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