Fast Facts: Syria

07 Jun 2013

UNDP’s engagement in response to the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Syria and impacting Lebanon and Jordan has been to support communities in the greatest need. Over two years into the crisis, UNDP assists communities’ coping mechanisms to survive amidst the suffering of the war within Syria and to mitigate its effect among communities hosting the burgeoning Syrian refugee populations in Lebanon and Jordan.


In all three countries UNDP is fully integrated within the humanitarian framework and appeal. UNDP programmes combine dynamic elements of humanitarian relief with livelihoods support and early recovery initiatives for community self-help and resilience. This provides a complementary model of humanitarian assistance, which contributes to community cohesion and local sustainability. With well-established Country Offices in Damascus, Beirut and Amman UNDP is able to integrate humanitarian interventions with projects that can be continued and built upon by working directly with local communities to ensure their basic functioning and collective survival mechanisms.

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