Fast Facts: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration

08 Feb 2013

When conflict comes to an end, those who directly took part in fighting may have special livelihoods, economic and psychosocial needs resulting from sometimes years of being engaged in armed violence. Consideration must be given to these needs
when communities and nations try to rebuild. Failing to address the special requirements of ex-combatants may have long-term consequences for sustainable development, compound the conditions for instability and threaten what can sometimes be a fragile peace. Former soldiers may not have the skills or means to earn an income as civilians; the trauma of what they have witnessed may leave them vulnerable to psychological disorders; and disaffected ex-combatants who are left without support networks, other than their former comrades, may seek redress through crime or political violence, especially when the underlying causes of the conflict, such as unemployment, inequity or poverty still exist.