Fast Facts: Central African Republic

06 Mar 2014


The sectarian violence in the Central African Republic has uprooted nearly one million people. It is estimated that 2.2 million, about half the population, need humanitarian aid and 1.1 million are facing food shortages. In Bangui, 1,000 people were killed at the beginning of December alone. Fighting, coming on the heels of repeated flooding, has destroyed infrastructure and basic services, dramatically increased food prices and accelerated the country’s economic decline. Productive assets and other property has been destroyed, forcing farmers to abandon crops and causing businesses to close. Before the recent crisis erupted, 70 percent of the population lived below the poverty line and this number has now increased dramatically.


UNDP has reinforced its presence on the ground with the deployment of eight experts - two of whom are advising partners on issues relating to livelihoods and stabilization. UNDP will support the stabilization of the Central African Republic through the phased implementation of community security, livelihoods, social cohesion, and reconciliation initiatives. In collaboration with donor countries and the United Nations, UNDP has already helped to draft a roadmap for the transition and will assist in its implementation. Ultimately, these efforts will pave the way for the organization of elections.


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