Fast Facts: Central African Republic

15 Jul 2014


Escalating civil conflict since the breakdown of political stability in December 2012. Sectarian and political violence has killed thousands of people, displaced more than 700,000 inside the country, and forced over 288,000 to flee to neighbouring nations. There are now more than 200,000 displaced people in the capital, Bangui.


Almost no households in the country have more than a week’s supply of food and in some places, 96 percent of children eat only once a day.


2.5 million of the country’s population of 4.6 million are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.


The fighting has destroyed critical infrastructure and basic social services, and increased vulnerability in what was already one of the world’s poorest countries. Before the crisis, 70 percent of the population lived below the poverty line and this number has now increased dramatically.


However, although the situation remains unpredictable and volatile, as of July 2014, slight improvements in the security situation have resulted in many community members expressing a desire to commit to reconciliation and recovery. Many displaced people in camps throughout Bangui have expressed a desire to return to their home communities.

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