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  • Fast Facts: Conflict Prevention

  • Fast Facts: Democratic Governance

    UNDP is the lead agency on democratic governance in the UN system. It invests 34 percent of UNDP's total resources in democratic governance programmes and projects each year, responding to countries immediate concerns and long-term human development objectives, including reaching the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

  • Fast Facts: Democratic Governance Assessments

    Governance assessments are a mechanism to strengthen democracy. UNDP has provided advisory and financial support to catalyze country-led assessment processes in more than 20 countries in all regions.

  • Fast Facts: Development Finance and Aid Effectiveness

    The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) advocates for donors to scale up aid and technical support in developing countries in order to support faster progress towards the Millennium Development Goals. In doing so, UNDP provides advice and support to institutions in developing countries to strengthen national ownership and mutual accountability mechanisms.

  • Fast Facts: Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery

    Disasters put hard won development achievements at risk, reversing economic growth and progress towards the elimination of poverty; cause environmental damage; and result in human suffering. UNDP helps develop the capacity of governments in over 60 countries to respond to disasters when they strike and mitigate the risk they pose.

  • Fast Facts: Dismarmament Demoblization and Reintegration

  • Fast Facts: Doha - A Time of Crisis and Opportunity

    The Doha Review Conference on Financing for Development, which took place in November/December 2008, examined the impact of the global financial crisis on development. Having spread across the entire globe, the crisis requires a multilateral approach to recovery that represents not just the economies of developed countries, but the world's poorest populations as well, who are particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of this universal crisis.

  • Fast Facts: E-Governance and Access to Information

    The explosive use of mobile technologies in the last five years and better Internet access give us cause to reconsider how we confront traditional development challenges.

  • Fast Facts: Economic empowerment of youth

  • Fast Facts: Electoral Systems and Processes

    Elections are a transformative tool for democratic governance. UNDP offers strategic assistance throughout the electoral cycle, from support to designing more effective systems to help in resolving disputes after the votes are counted. The UNDP strategy is about an integrated, long-term electoral-cycle approach to electoral assistance.

UNDP's Annual Report
Delivering on Commitments

UNDP's annual report looks back at progress over the past fiscal year and looks ahead as the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals approaches.

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