Towards an Inclusive and Accessible Future for All

23 Sep 2013

The voices of persons with disabilities have remained largely on the margins of the globaldevelopment debate. However, if development is the process of enlarging people’s choices in order to create the conditions for shared prosperity, then it cannot overlook persons with disabilities. Today there is a new opportunity to ensure that the opinions of persons with disabilities on the future of development cooperation are heard. This opportunity cannot be
missed if the world is to move forward in the realization of a truly inclusive society in which every individual has a fair chance to live a good and fulfilling life.


The present publication documents the voices of persons with disabilities on what a disability inclusive post-2015 framework should look like, and contains practical suggestions on how to achieve this objective. The key messages presented in this report are gathered from data taken from the online consultation, “A disability-inclusive development agenda towards 2015 and beyond”, that took place between March and April 2013, and also a series of follow-up interviews with disability advocates in July 2013 which explored issues raised in the online consultation in more depth.

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