Private Sector

  • Partners in DevelopmentMay 31, 2011This report, prepared by United Nations Global Compact, UNDP and Bertelsmann Stiftung, provides concrete advice how donors and development partners can better engage the private sector for development in the least developed countries.

  • IMD HandbookIMD HandbookMar 31, 2010Recognizing the vital role that markets play in poverty reduction and economic growth, UNDP has adopted a focus on Inclusive Markets Development. Under the IMD approach, project activities focus on developing private sector markets to make them more inclusive of and beneficial to the poor as producers, consumers, and employees. This publication features the approach in detail.

  • Brokering Inclusive Business ModelsBrokering Inclusive Business ModelsApr 30, 2010The objective of this primer is to provide UNDP private sector brokers and other staff with the essential information and tools to build inclusive business models with companies and other partners.

  • Assessing MarketsAssessing MarketsApr 30, 2010

  • Guide to Partnership BuildingGuide to Partnership BuildingApr 30, 2010