Building an Inclusive Financial Sector in Rwanda

11 Sep 2013

This project improves financial service delivery to women and youth in low-income populations by engaging with key stakeholders at four levels:      
 - Client level: Build the capacity of women and youth to manage medium and small enterprises (MSEs) and access financial services.
-  Micro-level: Support the professionalization of microfinance institutions and innovations to promote broader and sustainable financial services.
-   Meso-level: Develop the financial infrastructure to support the sustainability of inclusive financial services.
-  Macro-level: Support the coordination and framework of the sector to promote financial inclusion in Rwanda.

The strategy of UNDP and UNCDF aims mainly to support the plans of action of the respective entities. Its focus is on the support to the regulatory and institutional framework, the strengthening of financial infrastructure and the professionalization of micro-finance institutions (MFIs).

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