Brochure - Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development

29 Apr 2014

“As a matter of principle, I am convinced that natural resources can drive human development if they are managed in transparent, inclusive and sustainable ways.”
Helen Clark, Administrator, UNDP


At the Rio+20 conference, the UN system was called upon to promote the integrated and sustainable management of natural resources.


UNDP’s impartiality and convening role is important to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration among communities, governments and the private sector, and through our presence in a large number of countries, UNDP has the institutional infrastructure to facilitate global cooperation.


UNDP has been supporting countries to tackle poverty, deepen democratic governance, prevent conflict and assist in post-conflict recovery by improving governance of the oil, gas and mineral sectors.  Going forward, UNDP’s Strategic Plan (2014-2017) focuses on extractive industries to ensure that natural resource wealth is used to improve people’s lives.


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