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Ukraine: Impacts of the Global Economic and Financial Crisis

This publication explores the poverty and social impact of the financial and economic crisis in Ukraine. The main focus is on identifying key poverty issues, key poverty trends in the pre-crisis period, and changes in these trends during the crisis. The paper highlights suggestions to improvemore


Unleashing Capacities to Achieve the MDGs

Summary report of the seminar co-hosted by UNDP and the Chr. Michelson Institute, "Unleashing Capacities to Achieve the MDGs," 1-3 May, 2005, part of the Bergen Seminar Series.more


Unlocking Progress: MAF Lessons from Pilot Countries

Reviews of MDG progress in various countries have revealed many successes, but also the need for urgent, focused action. In the absence of enhanced efforts, many countries risk missing one or more of the targets by the deadline. In others, even if the target will be reached by the country as amore


Upstream-downstream synergies: Policies linked to practice

Upstream-downstream synergies in all strategic areas of development should be proactively supported since they function as a dynamic cycle that strengthens the two crucial dimensions of capacity development: policy and on-the-ground interventions.more


Using the Country-Based Development Model to Scale-Up for Results

One result of the 2002 Monterrey Conference on Financing for Development has been the recent commitment to scale up ODA to more poor countries, particularly in Africa. The challenge now is to translate this increased focus and additional resources into sustainable development results. more


Utilities' Pricing and the Poor: The Case of Armenia

This paper examines the impact of the privatization of certain utilities, including electricity, water, gas, and heating, on poverty in Armenia. more


Utility Provision: Contract Design in the Interest of the Poor

Access to basic utility services such as water, electricity and sanitation are essential for meeting internationally agreed development goals. For many of the world’s poorest people, however, these services remain unaffordable or unavailable. The losses in productivity and human potential aremore


Uzbekistan: Addressing Urban Poverty in the Context of the Economic Crisis

This report reviews information on urbanization trends, particularly trends in urban poverty, and documents the most recent economic trends in Uzbekistan in light of the global economic and financial crisis. more


Vanuatu Diagnostic Trade Integration Study

Vanuatu is scheduled to graduate from Least Developed Country (LDC) status in coming years. Yet risks remain, including the possibility of overheating as aid inflows increase and the public sector wage bill rises relative to overall recurrent government expenditure. more

What Will it Take to Achieve the MDGs? An International Assessment

Due to the combination of high food prices, climate change and the impact of the international financial and economic crises, disparities in MDG achievement can be seen within and between countries.  This report identifies a concrete action agenda which informed the outcome of the Worldmore