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Regional, National Aid for Trade Need Assessments in Central Asia and Caucasus

The Aid for Trade Regional Review represents a summary of the findings of the national Aid for Trade Needs Assessment (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan). The Regional Review has been compiled by Daniel Ivarsson, lead author of the publication.   Whilemore


Republic of Korea-UNDP MDG Trust Fund Brochure

The Fund supports innovative, catalytic and sustainable approaches for multiplier effects and accelerated progress towards MDG achievement. It also supports UNDP’s efforts to build and lead a strategic coalition of partners to shape the post-2015 development agenda through global mobilization andmore


Results: Poverty Reduction

UNDP fights poverty and works toward achievement of the MDGs through advocacy; diagnosis of existing problems; support to pro-poor country-level plans and policies; and pursuing a programme of inclusive development.   In 2010 UNDP developed the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF), providing amore


Role of Aid Management Systems

This paper describes how aid information management systems support all aspects of implementing the Paris Declaration and good practice in selecting and implementing such systems, based on several years’ experience in a variety of country situations.more


SADC Regional Development Report 2000

The Regional Human Development Reports serve as an advocacy tool to advance the development of a common approach to the national and regional dimensions of governance in the SADC Bloc. This report examines the state of human development in the SADC region and highlights common governance issues, asmore


Scaling Up Integrated Local Development Innovations

Scaling-up integrated local development innovations is key to achieving sustainable and equitable development, especially when these innovations are driven by national and local governments and actors. In order to best support countries to scale up proven local successes and achievemore


Scaling Up Integrated Local Development Innovations: A Global Programme Partnership Proposal

With just five years until the 2015 target date, many countries have made substantial progress toward achieving their nationally set targets. Before 2008, many developing countries enjoyed strong economic growth that helped reduce poverty and strengthen public service delivery. Even with the recentmore


Scaling up Islamic Microfinance in Bangladesh through the Private Sector: Experience of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL)

Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, a private sector Islamic bank, developed the Rural Development Scheme (RDS), an innovative Islamic microfinance channel to answer the demand of the rural Muslim poor in Bangladesh who were left out from conventional micro financing due to religious beliefs. This casemore


Scaling up Local Innovations for Transformational Change

Scaling up local development initiatives are important for achieving the MDGs and human development. While significant progress has been made towards meeting the MDG targets globally, large disparities still persist within countries. Poverty remains concentrated in rural areas and urban slums, andmore


Sector-wide Approaches (SWAps) (Human Development Viewpoint)

A SWAp defines a programmatic approach for a particular sector or cross-cutting thematic field (such as legal reform, HIV/AIDS) that supports the achievement of a coherent set of nationally-determined goals. UNDP supports the SWAp as a viable organising framework for development cooperation.more