Poverty Reduction

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Guidance Note: Scaling Up Development Programmes

Many Development organizations, national and local governments and civil society organizations are faced with the issue of scaling up development interventions- the main questions raised time and again are: a) what should be scaled up, and how it can be scaled up; b) is there a strong reason for amore


Disability Rights: The UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD)

The UN Partnership to Promote the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD) is a unique collaborative effort that brings together UN entities, governments, Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) and the broader civil society to advance disability rights around the world. In particular, themore


Macroeconomic Policies for Resource-Rich Countries

At a superficial level, the design of macroeconomic policy for resource-rich countries would seem a simple task. The policy goals should be quite obvious: strong growth, economic diversification and poverty reduction. With rare exceptions, these countries are not constrained by the supply ofmore


Programme Design Questions for Scaling up Development Innovations for Transformational Change

Scaling up development innovations to achieve transformational change is about enhancing development effectiveness. Various evaluations have suggested UNDP and other development partners to support scaling-up of successful pilot initiatives to achieve efficient, effective and sustainablemore


Human Development Impact Assessment of Trade Policy: A Toolkit

This Toolkit 'Human Development Impact Assessment (HDIA) of Trade Policy' aims to mainstream human development concerns into domestic policy-making through a participatory approach. Through demonstrating the likely or existing effects of a particular trade policy on people’s lives, the HDIA maymore


Malawi Case Study: Social Protection Measures and Labour Markets

This case study responds to a recognized need to improve our understanding on how social and economic policies can be integrated to simultaneously improve social welfare, employment outcomes and inclusive growth. It describes and analyses the impact that pro-poor programmes and socialmore


Towards a Human Rights-Based Approach to Food Security: A Self-Assessment Tool to Achieve Balanced Plant Regimes

The agricultural sector is a crucial source of food, employment and trade, and so it contributes to overall economic growth and poverty reduction. Increasingly, the privatization and spread of commercial seeds is harming agricultural biodiversity in developing countries. In particular, intellectualmore


Realizing the future we want for all

The first report from the UN system on the Post-2015 Development Agenda – Realizing the Future We Want for All – recommends that new goals should build on the strengths of the Millennium Development Goals, apply to all countries, and be based on the fundamental principles of human rights, equality,more


Poverty Thematic Trust Fund 2011 Annual Report

The Poverty Thematic Trust Fund (PTTF) has been a catalytic support to country, regional and global projects for poverty reduction for over a decade. During the past two years, the PTTF has funded 28 country projects, six regional initiatives and global policy advisory services.   This reportmore


Macroeconomic Policy for Growth and Poverty Reduction: An Application to Post-Conflict and Resource-Rich Countries

A fundamental shift in macroeconomic policy thinking is taking place. This shift opens a space for implementing policies that promote growth and reduce poverty in developing countries. In this paper, policies for post-conflict and resource-rich economies are outlined. Fiscal policy would focus onmore

UNDP Global Programme
2014 to 2017

The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to provide coherent global policy advice and programme support services, based on country and regional programme experiences and drawing on the pool of evidence, knowledge and expertise gained by UNDP across all development settings.

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Fast Facts
Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction is the overarching goal and at the core of UNDP’s work to support transformational change which brings about real improvements in people’s lives. UNDP invests nearly
US$1 billion every year in fighting poverty and advancing progress towards the MDGs.


Our work on Povery Reduction
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Our 2013-2014 Annual Report spotlights results from actions across core dimensions of development, from jobs and food security, to well-run elections, to crisis recovery, to the management of finite natural resources.

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