Poverty Reduction

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Collective Action Triggers Institutionalised Stakeholder Participation

This case study describes a promising example of institutionalised civil society participation in the PRSP/PARPA process in Mozambique. more


Taking Action: Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women

This report argues that there are many practical steps that can reduce inequalities based on gender, inequalities that constrain the potential to reduce poverty and achieve high levels of well-being in societies around the world. Without leadership and political will, however, the world will fall more


Growth, Employment and Poverty

This paper explores the relationship between economic growth and poverty reduction with special focus on the role of employment in shaping the linkage. The empirical basis of the analysis consists of two recent sets of studies: nine UNDP country case studies on “Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction” more


Guidelines for Non-Voluntary Use of a Patent on Medical Technologies

This paper provides guidance for the effective implementation of public health safeguards and flexibilities in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) in order to promote access to medicines to all. more


Indicators for Policy Management

 This manual is part of a UNDG initiative designed to help meet this challenge by enhancing statistical capacity and literacy across a large number of partners in order to increase data availability and enable evidence-based policy-making. more


Making Infrastructure Work for the Poor

Infrastructure growth and services can play a critical role in economic growth and poverty reduction while human security. Moreover, infrastructure development and services assume a special role in the post-conflict transitional at stages of conflict-ridden countries. Yet the links between more


Making Sense of MDG Costing

Since technical experts seldom agree on the path towards the MDGs, and no existing method yields accurate cost estimates, it is best to approach MDG costing through a participatory political process, driven by targets. This paper proposes three practical steps for aligning the PRSP and the MTEF more


Employment Policies for Sustainable Development: The Experience of Ghana

The impact of structural adjustment programs in many Sub-Saharan African countries on unemployment and poverty in the short-run has been weak due to the partial and fragmented nature of the policies. more


How to Build Open Information Societies

This book was prepared by UNDP’s Regional Centre in Bratislava, Slovakia, within the regional Democratic Governance framework, in close cooperation with UNDP field offices in 19 countries that generously shared their experience and knowledge in using information and communication technology for more


Making Fiscal Policy Work for the Poor

 This paper is a synthesis of the fiscal policy chapters of a series of country reports carried out by the UNDP as part of the Asia-Pacific Regional Programme on Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction. It focuses on the fiscal policy chapters of the reports and treats other topics in as far as more

UNDP Global Programme
2014 to 2017

The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to provide coherent global policy advice and programme support services, based on country and regional programme experiences and drawing on the pool of evidence, knowledge and expertise gained by UNDP across all development settings.

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Fast Facts
Poverty Reduction

Poverty reduction is the overarching goal and at the core of UNDP’s work to support transformational change which brings about real improvements in people’s lives. UNDP invests nearly
US$1 billion every year in fighting poverty and advancing progress towards the MDGs.


Our work on Povery Reduction
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Our report showcases how we deliver results through programmes on poverty reduction and the Millennium Development Goals, democratic governance, crisis prevention and recovery, and the environment and sustainable development. It highlights the reach of our diverse partnerships.

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