Accelerating Progress, Sustaining Results

19 Sep 2013

The report details the success of the MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF), a tool developed by UNDP over 2009-2010, and endorsed by the United Nations Development Group (UNDG) in 2010 to guide collaborative national efforts to identify and overcome bottlenecks slowing country progress towards achieving priority MDG targets.


The report also highlights how the MAF has built partnerships within more than 50 countries to re-focus existing policies and programmes into national action plans to hasten progress towards priority MDGs, and connect humanitarian efforts to longer-term results. At the same time, the tool has been adapted in Cambodia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Tonga, who are taking the approach beyond the MDGs to spark effective action for redressing regional inequalities, the economic empowerment of women and people with disabilities and  non-communicable diseases.


Many of these plans are being implemented by governments, with the support of development partners, technical agencies, NGOs and the private sector.

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