Millennium Development Goals

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Can Privatization and Commercialisation of Public Services Help Achieve the MDGs

This working paper argues that reliance on private sector provision will fail to address the central challenges of public sector delivery. The process of privatization creates an incentive framework that undermines, rather than strengthens, the accountability and capacity of the State to providemore


Preparing National Strategies to Achieve the MDGs

This handbook is a hands-on guide to help developing countries prepare MDG-based national development strategies. It translates the recommendations of the UN Millennium Project and lessons learned through the project’s country advisory work into a user-friendly “how-to” format that can assistmore


En Route to Equality: A Gender Review of National MDG Reports

This global review of national Millennium Development Goal reports is a follow-up to a pilot exercise commissioned by the Bureauof Development Policy, UNDP in 2003. The findings provide an additional gender dimension to the review of national reports, and demonstrate the added value of including amore


Investing in Development: The MDGs, Aid, and Sustainable Capital Accumulation

This discussion paper argues that Millennium Development Goals financing should be designed to foster sustainable national capital accumulation processes.The success of any strategy or “business plan” to achieve the MDGs requires key changes in current practices of policy design andmore


Civil Society Perspectives on the MDGs

This document from 2004 is a collection of essays from civil society actors on the implication of the MDGs on their work. Topics include the intersection of the MDGs and the women's movement, WTO rules, poverty and the environment, and indigenous peoples. more


Achieving Millennium Development Goals: Partnership and Participation

The paper raises key issues and challenges for creating collaborative partnerships and participation, particularly in new or restored democracies, in achieving MDGs, exploring on the how to issues – how to develop a road map, how to ensure government and civil society organization collaboration,more


Indicators for Monitoring the MDGs

This handbook provides guidance on the definitions, rationale, concepts and sources of the data for each of the indicators that are being used to monitor the goals and targets. It expands on an earlier exercise to provide the metadata for the socio-economic indicators that make up the Unitedmore


Russia: Better conservation for the environment and the economy

The Kamchatka peninsula , far east of Russia, is home to steaming geysers, simmering volcanoes, snow-capped mountains and a wide variety of plants and animals. The rare Steller’s sea eagle soars through its skies, while the only population of sea otters in the Western Pacific finds shelter alongmore

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