Millennium Development Goals

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Millennium Development Goals Report 2008

Since 2002, rising prices for minerals and agricultural raw materials have contributed to the remarkable run of economic growth in all developing regions, according to the UN's Millennium Development Goals Report 2008. more


MDG Good Practices

This document sets out guidelines for best practices in achieving the Millennium Development Goals. It features practical projects and programmes that governments and their partners have developed in their efforts to achieve the MDGs. more


Strategy for Scaling Up Support to the MDGs

This document outlines a strategy for strengthening the UN system’s support to governments to accelerate progress towards MDGs by combining policy support for the MDGs with capacity development for service delivery, strategic planning, and resource mobilization. more


Achieving the MDGs in Africa

The concrete Millennium Development Goal results identified in this document map out a set of minimum thresholds in agriculture, nutrition, education, health and infrastructure that, if fully achieved, will allow African communities and countries to raise productivity and compete successfullymore


External Debt and the Millennium Development Goals

This second discussion paper on debt and Millennium Development Goals presents an innovative framework for restructuring payments on external debt. The proposed framework links debt payments to a country’s ability to meet the MDGs (or what countries can afford after their vital MDG expendituresmore


Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals

This primer is based on the views and experiences of development practitioners on linking human rights and the Millennium Development Goals in their work. It provides basic guidance on how to make the link and explores the key questions that practitioners will face in doing so. more


MDG-Consistent Debt Sustainability

The third in a series of discussion papers on Millennium Development Goals and debt sustainability, this paper makes suggestions for a more MDG-consistent debt sustainability concept. For countries that have achieved debt sustainability, it proposes new debt sustainability indicators, whilemore


The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Millennium Development Goals-based National Development Strategies: Training Modules

This training course from 2007 provides guidance to UN Country Teams and their development partners on the key areas and entry points for working with civil society to design an MDG-based national development strategy. It is a tool to help engage civil society at each stage of the policy process -more


Debt Sustainability and the MDGs in Emerging Market Economies

The fifth in a series of discussion papers on MDGs and debt sustainability, this paper reviews a highly diverse group of middle-income countries and their sovereign debt. It assesses the IMF approach to debt sustainability and makes recommendations on how the MDGs could be incorporated into themore


MDG-based Debt Sustainability Analysis: Egypt

The paper demonstrates that domestic debt in Egypt has replaced foreign debt as a major issue for macroeconomic management and socioeconomic progress. It discusses the background on domestic debt issuance in Egypt, as well as its size, structure, and indicators. more

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