2013 Global MDG Conference Working Paper Series

18 Feb 2014

The 2013 Global MDG Conference (GMC) held from 27 to 28 February 2013, in Bogota (Colombia), brought together partners playing a crucial role in turning the global MDG agenda into force towards human development at national and sub-national levels. With close than 200 participants from about 40 countries, the Conference aim at maintaining the momentum for accelerating progress to 2015, while taking stock of lessons learned from efforts to achieve the MDGs so as to help inform the development agenda beyond 2015.

Lead experts, practitioners and thinkers from governments, academia, civil society, UNDP and other UN/development agencies actively exchanged their views, knowledge and evidence on areas of relevance to the MDGs. Drawing from their rich repository of practical knowledge and evidence accumulated in different development settings, participants highlighted successes and constraints in implementation of MDG initiatives through a number of working papers that were featured during the Conference and are presented as follows:


  • Working Paper No. 1: Effective Partnership for Accelerating the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the Sub-national Level: Evidence from the implementation of Nigeria’s Conditional Grant Scheme (CGS). By Colleen Zamba and Vicor Oboh.
  • Working Paper No. 2: Implementation of MDG Acceleration Framework (MAF) as a Strategy to Overcome Inequalities in Access to Maternal Health Services in Ghana. By Pa Lamin, Patrick Kuma Aboagye, Nana Adutum, Mariam Salifu and Kordzo Sedegah.
  • Working Paper No. 3: MDG Acceleration Efforts and Emerging Priorities for a Post-2015 Agenda: Evidence from MAF Roll-Outs in Western and Central Africa. By Nathalie Bouché.
  • Working Paper No. 4: Bridging the Gender Economic Divide in Cambodia: A case for the MDG Acceleration. By Jamila Seftaoui.
  • Working Paper No. 5: Inter-Sectoral Approaches, National Ownership and ‘One UN’ As means to Achieve the MDGs: A discussion paper based on the MDG-F multi-country experience in translating the global agenda into national action. By Gianluca Giuman, Patricia Fernandez-Pacheco, Alicia Gimenez and Debora Sequeira.
  • Working Paper No. 6: From the MDGs to the Multi-dimensional Measurement of Poverty as Part of the Post-2015 Agenda for (Human) Development. By Stefano Pettinato and Jimmy Vasquez (also available in Spanish).
  • Working Paper No. 7: Reflections on the MDGs, and the Post-2015 Agenda, from Europe and Central Asia. By Ben slay, Elena Danilov-Cross, and Tuya Altangerel.
  • Working Paper No. 8: Implementing the MAF in Niger: Opportunities and challenges in accelerating MDG 1. By Mansour Ndiaye, Ali Madai, and Robin Thiers.
  • Working Paper No. 9: Within Sight, Yet Far: Challenges and Opportunities in Achieving MDGs in Tanzania. By Amarakoon Bandara.
  • Working Paper No. 10: Lessons From the Operationalization of the MDGs. By Gonzalo Pizarro.
  • Working Paper No.11: Accelerating Progress on Maternal Health in Africa: Lessons From Emerging Policy and Institutional Innovations. By Ayodele Odusola.
  • Working Paper No.12: Lessons Learned in Achieving The MDGs: The Philippine Experience. By Erlinda Morales-Capones.


Some of this evidence is also featured in UNDP’s 2013 report, “Accelerating Progress, Sustaining Results”. 

Read UNDP Administrator Helen Clark's opening remarks to the conference.

    Working Paper Series
    • Working Paper No.1 - Nigeria: Partnerships for MDGs English
    • Working Paper No.2 - Ghana: MAF Maternal Health English
    • Working Paper No.3 - Western and Central Africa: Evidence from MAF English
    • Working Paper No.4 - Cambodia: MAF on Gender Equality English
    • Working Paper No.5 - MDG-F Multi-country experience English
    • Working Paper No.6 - MDGs to Multi-dimensional Measurement of Poverty English | Spanish
    • Working Paper No.7 - Europe and Central Asia: Reflections on MGDs and Post 2015 Agenda English | Russian
    • Working Paper No.8 - Niger: MAF on Poverty and Hunger English
    • Working Paper No.9 - Tanzania: Challenges and Opportunities for MDG Achievement English
    • Working Paper No.10 - Lessons From the Operationalization of the MDGs English
    • Working Paper No.11 - Maternal Health in Africa English
    • Working Paper No.12 - The Philippine experience achieving the MDGs English