The Socioeconomic Impact of HIV at the Household Level in Cambodia

30 Aug 2011

Document Summary

Within Cambodia, the past decade has seen a continuous decline of HIV prevalence, thanks to strong political leadership, generous donor support, and the tireless efforts of civil society and the private sector. The results of this partnership have been impressive.

Despite such achievements, there is still work to be done. This study demonstrates that HIV-affected households continue to face a variety of economic and social challenges.

Document Highlights

  • National HIV prevalence is projected to drop to 0.7% by the end of 2010, down from a high of 2% in 1998.
  • An estimated 75,000 Cambodians in 60,000 households are living with HIV on a daily basis.
  • HIV incidence has now decreased from 110 new cases per day in 1994 to 4 cases per day in 2008.

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