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Migration Gone Wrong: Linkages Between Trafficking and HIV (India)

This report is the result of a six-month study on the links between HIV and trafficking. It provides information for a more effective policy debate, both from the view point of stopping trafficking and also in assuring the human rights of the trafficked people, and to stimulate further researchmore


Human Trafficking and HIV: Exploring vulnerabilities and responses in South Asia

An independent regional research study commissioned by UNDP with support from the Government of Japan has revealed an alarming trend of trafficking of girls and women and HIV infection in South Asia. The study found that a large number of those at the risk of being trafficked in South Asia aremore


Zambia Human Development Report 2007 on HIV and AIDS

Zambia Human Development Report 2007 focuses on the sixth Millennium Development Goal (MDG), which is combating HIV and AIDS, malaria and other diseases. It particularly emphasises enhancing household capacity to respond to HIV and AIDS. more


Building Strength on Strength: Community Responses to HIV in Northern Thailand

This report focuses on good practices and lessons learnt from community responses to AIDS including support and care for HIV-affected children, working with older people on HIV issues, developing home-based care, support, and working on HIV issues with marginalized populations. more


Assessment of Socioeconomic Impact of HIV and AIDS on Key Sectors in Kenya

This report sets a new milestone in the response to HIV in Kenya by providing for the first time a comprehensive information package on socio-economic impact of HIV and AIDS across the key sectors and the economy as a whole. more

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The Global Programme is the architecture that allows UNDP to provide coherent global policy advice and programme support services, based on country and regional programme experiences and drawing on the pool of evidence, knowledge and expertise gained by UNDP across all development settings.

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As co-sponsor of UNAIDS, UNDP recognizes that AIDS impacts countries’ progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). As such, UNDP's response to the AIDS epidemic stems from its human development, poverty reduction and governance mandates.


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