Issue Brief: Toward Ocean Recovery

25 Apr 2013

Stress, Sustainability, and Development of Large Marine Ecosystems During Climate Change

Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs) annually produce 80% of the world’s marine fish catch. These coastal ocean areas are overfished, polluted, and subject to nutrient over enrichment, acidification, accelerated warming from climate change, loss of biodiversity and key habitat areas—including sea grasses, mangroves and coral reefs. These stressors are impacting the sustainable development of an estimated $12 trillion in goods and services contributed annually by LMEs to the global economy.


To meet the challenge of Rio, leaders directing the world’s top financial, scientific, and technical institutions engaged in sustainable development of the oceans from Copenhagen, New York, Paris, and Washington D.C. met in Boston in February 2013 to discuss the recovery and sustainability of LMEs during climate change.  This Issue Brief provides links to videos of speaker's interventions at the Boston conference and additional resources.

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