Monitoring outcomes and impacts of capacity development in the water sector: a Cap-Net UNDP experience

17 Oct 2013


Cap-Net UNDP is an international capacity development network for integrated water resources management (IWRM).


Cap-Net’s approach of working through regional and country networks is an effective method of drawing together various experts from different disciplines, fostering local ownership for capacity development and scaling-up implementation of IWRM.


This paper discusses the lessons drawn from outcome monitoring of Cap-Net capacity development courses for two consecutive years 2010–2012.

Highlights - three main objectives of Cap-Net:

  • Capacity development – improvement of the capacity of individuals and organizations for sustainable management of water resources;
  • Strengthening partnerships – develop the capacity of partner networks to make better outreach and to collaborate on effective delivery of capacity development;
  • Knowledge management – ensuring access to the new international and local knowledge, establish monitoring system.

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