Water and Ocean Governance

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A Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability

"A Blueprint for Ocean and Coastal Sustainability", jointly prepared by UNDP’s Water & Ocean Governance Programme, IOC/UNESCO, FAO and IMO, contextualizes and sets forth a series of ten tangible proposals to shift the oceans management paradigm towards sustainability, and ismore


A Green Economy in a Blue World

The objective of ‘Green Economy in a Blue World’ is to analyse the challenges and opportunities of a potential transition towards a green economy in key sectors heavily linked to the marine and coastal environment – the blue world.  The report will also analyse the necessary policy andmore


A Success Story: Kenya - Bondo villagers preserve water as a human right

A project to enhance water governance using a "Human Rights Based Approach", funded by UNDP Kenya and by the UNDP Water Governance Facility at the Stockholm International Water Institute, was piloted in the Nyanza province of Kenya. The project is a success story as villagers in themore


Applying an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management: focus on seamounts of the southern Indian ocean

In 2009, UNDP-GEF and IUCN began collaborating on a pilot International Waters project designed to promote an ecosystem approach to management of seamounts in Marine Areas beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJ).    The project created a vital environmental status baseline frommore


CWI: Fostering Water Security and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

The Community Water Initiative (CWI) has funded successful projects in some of the most vulnerable communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. The publication highlights case studies that represent the types of projects funded through CWI that have helped foster water security in localmore


Catalysing Ocean Finance

The world’s oceans and coastal areas are an integral part of life on earth. They are under significant threat, whether that be from pollution, overexploita­tion, habitat loss, invasive species, or climate change.   Catalysing Ocean Finance demonstrates that, far from being an intractablemore


Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in the Pungwe Drainage Basin

This report presents the use a combination of climate and hydrological models to assess the possible consequences of future global warming on the water resources in the Pungwe catchment up until 2050. By generating on information on future trends in water resource availability in the basin themore


Closing The Loop: Ecological Sanitation for Food Security

This publication presents a shift in the way people think about and act upon human excreta. It notes that Human excreta are a resource not a waste. Ecological sanitation is a "closed loop" approach preventing pollution by recycling nutrients and organic matter. Ecological sanitation ismore


Community Water Initiative - Delivering water and sanitation to poor communities

Community Water Initiative (CWI) supports decentralized, demand-driven, innovative, low-cost, community-based water resource management and water supply and sanitation projects in rural areas. It is rooted in the strong belief that local management and community initiatives play a key role inmore


Community Water Initiative: Brochure

Since 2004, the Community Water Initiative (CWI) has supported decentralized, innovative, low-cost, and community-based water resource management and water supply and sanitation projects in rural areas. CWI is part of the Global Environment Facility's Small Grants Programme. more

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Toward Ocean Recovery

Stress, Sustainability and Development of Large Marine Ecosystems During Climate Change