Sustainable Land Management

  • Land Rights Reform and Governance in Africa: How to make it Work in the 21st Century? Oct 1, 2006
    The main argument of this paper is that insecurity of land tenure is a socio-political condition that can be made and unmade. It points out the need for a more action-based and community driven evolutionary process for land rights reform and governance in Africa. The publication focuses on Africa but also draws examples from other poor agrarian areas.

  • Decentralized Governance of Natural ResourcesNov 1, 2006

  • Drought Risk Management: Practitioner's Perspectives from Africa and AsiaJan 31, 2012

  • Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods, Reducing Vulnerability and Building ResilienceOct 29, 2013

  • Preventing Land Degradation, Sustaining LivelihoodsPreventing Land Degradation, Sustaining LivelihoodsAug 1, 2002
    The brochure, part of UNDP/GEF's "Lessons for the future" series, highlights examples of UNDP/GEF activities to combat land degradation in Morocco, the Caucasus, Senegal, Lesotho, Pakistan and Sudan. Approaches covered include empowering traditional pastoralists, conserving arid and semi-arid ecosystem, preserving biodiversity and landscapes, etc.

  • Challenge Paper: Pastoralism and Mobility in the DrylandsMar 26, 2003
    The paper notes that pastoralists have been ill-served by development policies due to myths and misunderstandings of pastoralism, which distort policy-making about pastoral livelihood systems. The paper outlines new policies to address the marginalization of pastoralists from mainstream society.

  • Challenge Paper: Poverty and the DrylandsChallenge Paper: Poverty and the DrylandsSep 1, 2001
    As part of UNDP's Global Development Imperative Challenge Paper Series, this publication challenges the current wisdom on the distribution and condition of drylands populations and offers more realistic scenarios that decision-makers can take seriously. The paper sets out this challenge and introduces some of the new evidence that is required.

  • The why and how of mainstreaming gender in Sustainable Land ManagementThe why and how of mainstreaming gender in Sustainable Land ManagementOct 16, 2007
    As part of UNDP's new series "Gender Mainstreaming: a Key Driver of Development in Environment & Energy," this guide looks at why gender is relevant to policymaking and programming in sustainable land management. It details how UNDP can strengthen the gender dimension of its work in sustainable land management at the policy level, as well as in project programming.

  • Harnessing local environmental knowledge in East AfricaHarnessing local environmental knowledge in East AfricaJan 1, 1999
    The publication, published in partnership between UNDP and SIDA's Regional Land Management Unit (RELMA), presents the outcome of a regional workshop held in February 1999 in Tanzania with participation by NGOs and farmer innovators from the three countries, key national and international partners of the programme and others.

  • Mother Earth: Women and sustainable land managementMother Earth: Women and sustainable land managementAug 31, 2007
    The publication provides practitioners and policy-makers with practical guidance on the mainstreaming of gender considerations in sustainable land management (SLM). It argues that such approaches will not only provide women with a platform to fully engage in development, but will also enhance the delivery of impacts and effectiveness of our interventions.