World Energy Assessment Overview: 2004 Update

Published on 01 Dec 2004

Document Summary

The document presents the linkages between energy and the MDGs, describes the discussions and outcomes that emerged from CSD-9 and WSSD, and outlines the latest energy trends, new energy related technologies, and energy policy options for a sustainable future. It also examines distinct regional challenges and describes how key energy issues directly impact achievement of development objectives.

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  • Complete Report English | Spanish | Russian
  • Contents; Foreword; Preface English
  • Executive Summary English
  • Introduction English
  • Part I: Energy at the World Summit for Sustainable Development English
  • Part II: Basic Energy Facts English
  • Part III: Energy and Major Global Issues English
  • Part IV: Energy Resources and Technological Options English
  • Part V: Are Sustainable Futures Possible? English
  • Part VI: Policies and Actions to Promote Energy for Sustainable Development English
  • References English
  • Annexes; Contributor Bios English