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  • Clean Energy for Development and Economic Growth
    Oct 1, 2002

    The document explores the linkages between renewable energy, poverty alleviation, sustainable development, and climate change in developing countries. In particular, the paper places emphasis on biomass-based energy systems. Biomass energy has a number of unique attributes that make it particularly suitable to climate change mitigation and community development applications.

  • Oct 1, 2002

    The primer is designed to help facilitate the practical realization of sustainable modernized bioenergy activities, including the technical, policy and institutional aspects. It notes that bioenergy is an important potential contributor to sustainable energy strategies and can contribute directly to poverty alleviation.

  • Mar 1, 2004

    The paper notes that deregulation and privatization in the water supply and energy sectors, as a means to stimulate private-sector investment, have only led to improved services for the poor when effective regulation mechanisms have been put in place by governments and public agencies. It proposes that strong regulatory agencies are needed to make markets work and address environmental objectives.

  • Energizing Poverty Reduction: A Review of the Energy-Poverty Nexus in PRSPs
    Nov 1, 2006

    The report examines to what degree energy-poverty dynamics are reflected in the current policies and plans set forth in national poverty reduction strategies. It reveals a lack of energy targets and a low level of energy investments in the Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks of PRSPs, indicating that too many countries could fall short of delivering the energy services required to reach the MDGs.

  • White Paper for a Regional Policy: Toward Increasing Access to Energy Services
    May 25, 2007

    Member States of the ECOWAS Region have decided to engage on an ambitious regional policy in order to increase access to modern energy services. Their objective is to allow at least half of the population to have access to modern energy services by the year 2015. The paper describes this policy and sets time-bound regional targets that are ambitions but necessary for the achievement of the MDGs.

  • The Energy Challenge: Paying in Pollution for Energy Hunger
    Jan 9, 2007

    The article, part of a New York Times series, examines ways in which the world is, and is not, moving toward a more energy efficient future. It explains that while renewable sources have made some inroads, government subsidies for diesel, kerosene and other fossil fuels have held down prices in many developing countries and made it harder to introduce renewable energy technologies.

  • The Environment and Energy Thematic Trust Fund (EE TTF) 2013 Annual Report
  • Assessment of Sri Lanka's Power Sector
    Aug 15, 2017

    This report ‘Initial Asessment of Sri Lanka’s Power Sector – Electricity Generation through 100 per cent Renewable Energy’ describes the technical challenges to meet Sri Lanka's renewables target and how it could be financed.

  • Gender and sustainable energy

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