Featured publications

  • UNDP's Work in Environment and Sustainable DevelopmentDec 5, 2010

  • Sustainable Energy for All - Brief Guide to Advocacy PlanningSustainable Energy for All - Brief Guide to Advocacy PlanningAug 1, 2012
    The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All is a unique opportunity and platform to raise national public awareness and influence policies, commitments and action for the sustainable energy for all goal. This provides effective advocacy strategies on Sustainable Energy for All.

  • SEFA Advocacy PowerPoint PresentationSEFA Advocacy PowerPoint PresentationAug 1, 2012
    This presentation can be used for outreach and advocacy activities on Sustainable Energy for All.

  • Energizing the MDGs: A Guide to Energy's Role in Reducing PovertyAug 1, 2005
    The UNDP Guide offers an overview of some of the most pertinent issues regarding development and energy and provides suggestions and examples on how to address energy within broader efforts to reach the MDGs.

  • UNDP and Energy for Sustainable DevelopmentUNDP and Energy for Sustainable DevelopmentDec 1, 2004
    The brochure provides a brief overview of energy linkages with the MDGs and highlights UNDP's approach to energy, the organization's energy partnerships for sustainable development, energy activities, energy portfolio, and knowledge sharing on energy for sustainable development.

  • LP Gas Applications for Rural Energy DevelopmentAug 1, 2003
    The brochure details the benefits of LPG gas in rural development. It explores the aspects of rural access, cooking use, productive services, food preparation and processing, community services and the powering of the local economy.

  • Energy for Sustainable Development: A Policy AgendaEnergy for Sustainable Development: A Policy AgendaDec 1, 2002
    As a follow-up to the World Energy Assessment, this publication focuses on policy options and effective implementation. It offers informed guidance on the next steps, on how to shape public policy so that it accelerates the growth of energy systems that support sustainable development.

  • Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific RegionJun 1, 2004
    The report is a compilation of case studies and lessons from UNDP projects in the region. The publication highlights the role of energy in poverty reduction and advancing the achievement of the MDGs. Key lessons about participatory approaches, technology choices and policy options are summarized in the report.

  • Smoke in the Kitchen: Health Impacts of Indoor Air PollutionSmoke in the Kitchen: Health Impacts of Indoor Air PollutionJun 6, 2006
    This is the executive summary of a seminar hosted by UNDP with support from ITDG, USEPA, and WTO. The aim of the seminar was to raise awareness among country governments and UN agencies on the health impacts of indoor air pollution from household energy use, and to promote global action to reduce people's exposure to this substantial environmental health risk.

  • World Energy Assessment: Energy and the Challenge of SustainabilityWorld Energy Assessment: Energy and the Challenge of SustainabilityDec 1, 2000
    The publication highlights the social, economic, environmental and security issues linked to energy. It analyzes how energy can serve as an instrument to reach the goal of sustainable human development. It concludes that the adoption of policies that encourage the delivery of energy services in cleaner and more efficient ways is a prerequisite to address development problems.

Fast Facts - Universal Energy Access

Universal access to modern energy services is achievable by 2030. There are no fundamental technical barriers, and proven and innovative solutions exist. The capital investment required for universal energy access represents only around 3 per cent of the total global energy investment. Governments must make universal energy access a top political priority. Practical, effective and large-scale actions are needed to invest in capacity development, mobilize public-private partnerships and massively scale up successful and innovative solutions to overcome extreme energy poverty.