Standardized Baseline Guidance Note

MDG Carbon published a Guidance Note for Standard Baselines (SBs), primarily intended for Designated National Authorities, Coordinating and Managing Entities, and consultants involved with the development of SBs. The Note focuses on the current UNFCCC rules and regulations (Standards andmore


Standarized Baseline Assesment

This report defines approaches for the development of standardized baselines in CDM projects on off-grid power generation in sub-Saharan Africa. Standardisation allows for baseline establishment and additionality demonstration for project types in a defined geography, rather than on amore


MDG Carbon Sustainable Charcoal NAMA Study

The charcoal sector currently provides one of the greatest opportunities to help to prevent emissions in least developed countries (LDCs) while fostering significant sustainable development benefits. However, despite recent improvements in the production sector, there have until now been fewmore