Integrating Environment into Development

  • Fast Facts: Integrating environment into development planningFast Facts: Integrating environment into development planningMay 9, 2012
    In order to preserve the full range of natural ecosystems required for human well-being, environment objectives must be embedded in policies that influence human activities, including the key productive sectors of the economy, as well as national development planning frameworks and budgets, institutions, governance, and market-based mechanisms. This ‘mainstreaming’ of environment is crucial for effective action to promote development that is sustainable and climate-resilient.

  • NCSA Sub-Regional WorkshopsNCSA Sub-Regional WorkshopsFeb 22, 2012

  • Strategic Approach to Enhance Capacity BuildingDec 1, 2003

  • NCSA Resource KitSep 1, 2005

  • UNDP-UNEP PEI Annual Progress Report 2011Jun 19, 2012

  • Green Economy in ActionAug 23, 2012

  • Chemicals Management: The why and how of mainstreaming genderChemicals Management: The why and how of mainstreaming genderSep 25, 2007
    The publication, part of the Gender Mainstreaming Guidelines Series, provides an approach to mainstreaming gender in chemicals management, together with a discussion of priorities for UNDP support to assist partners with mainstreaming gender considerations at each step of a national process to develop or strengthen a sound management of chemicals regime.

  • UNDP’s Local Capacity StrategySep 20, 2010
    The Strategy presents a vision for how UNDP can approach, prioritize, and integrate its work to create the enabling conditions for effective local action and to greatly speed the scale-up of local-level best practices. It is designed to elucidate and strengthen how UNDP works with and supports community-based initiatives and national governments to scale up local-level successes.

  • Resource Kit on Indigenous Peoples’ IssuesJun 15, 2008
    This Kit focuses on development and indigenous peoples, with emphasis on their full and effective participation in all development processes and the need for a genuine partnership in—and ownership with them—of these processes. It is designed to provide United Nations Country Teams with guidance as to how to engage indigenous peoples and include their perspectives in development processes.

  • Managing Private Investment in Natural ResourcesMar 10, 2011
    This primer seeks to provide practical advice on how host countries can manage foreign direct investment inflows to promote national development aspirations (such as poverty reduction, environmental sustainabilityand achievement of the MDGs).