Integrating Environment into Development

  • AAP: A Cross Practice ApproachOct 21, 2010
    The African Adaptation Programme is not an adaptation project in its own right, but rather a programme that helps countries develop their capacities to finance and manage adaptation projects more effectively within a long-term planning framework. This brochure describes the approach.

  • Women's Green Business InitiativeWomen's Green Business InitiativeJan 1, 2010
    The Women’s Green Business Initiative is an innovative Programme that addresses existing structural barriers to women’s economic advancement and facilitates equal opportunities for women to participate in the green economy. It aims to ensure that emerging climate funds address the needs of poor women and men equitably.

  • Fast Facts: Integrating environment into development planningFast Facts: Integrating environment into development planningMay 9, 2012
    In order to preserve the full range of natural ecosystems required for human well-being, environment objectives must be embedded in policies that influence human activities, including the key productive sectors of the economy, as well as national development planning frameworks and budgets, institutions, governance, and market-based mechanisms. This ‘mainstreaming’ of environment is crucial for effective action to promote development that is sustainable and climate-resilient.

  • A Toolkit of Policy Options to Support Inclusive Green GrowthJul 1, 2013

  • Managing Private Investment in Natural ResourcesMar 10, 2011
    This primer seeks to provide practical advice on how host countries can manage foreign direct investment inflows to promote national development aspirations (such as poverty reduction, environmental sustainabilityand achievement of the MDGs).

  • National Capacity Self-Assessment Synthesis ReportSep 16, 2010
    The report summarizes the challenges and opportunities experienced by countries in meeting their commitments under the Rio Conventions, as well as areas where more effort could yield better progress. It reveals the countries' top five capacity development needs to implement the international treaties related to biodiversity, climate change, desertification and drought.

  • Making Progress on Environmental SustainabilityMaking Progress on Environmental SustainabilityOct 1, 2006

  • PEI Making the Economic CaseJun 1, 2008
    This primer provides guidance on presenting evidence about the economic, development and poverty reduction benefits of the environment to public sector decision-makers, so as to justify and promote “environmental investment”. Hard copies can be ordered through the Poverty Environment Facility.

  • PEI Mainstreaming HandbookMar 1, 2009
    This handbook is designed to serve as a guide for champions and practitioners engaged in the task of mainstreaming poverty-environment linkages into national development planning. Hard copies can be ordered through the Poverty Environment Facility.

  • Practitioner's Guide: Capacity Development for Environmental SustainabilityMar 23, 2011
    Capacity development and environmental sustainability are both central to UNDP’s mandate and programming.The purpose of this Practitioner’s Guide is to provide practical guidance to UNDP staff, partner countriesand other development partners on the nature of environmental capacity and how to support capacitydevelopment for environmental sustainability (CDES).