Breaking Down the Silos: Integrating Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Agenda

16 Oct 2013

“Breaking Down the Silos: Integrating Environmental Sustainability in the Post-2015 Agenda” captures the key messages from the eight-month consultation process that engaged academia, think tanks, representatives of civil society, youth, women and men from North and South who chose to focus the dialogue on the linkages between environmental sustainability and human development. At the forefront of the discussions was the need for the post-2015 agenda to be based on principles related to integrated approaches to development, equality, human rights and resilience in order to fully embed environmental sustainability.  There was also a call for urgent collective action in areas related to 1) economic transformation, 2) governance and accountability, 3) local action and empowerment, and 4) education.


The Government of Costa Rica, Government of France, United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Environment Programme would like to thank the 5000 people who registered to be a part of the post-2015 environmental sustainability thematic consultation and in particular the people and organizations that took the time to carefully craft thoughtful and constructive contributions at the various stages of the process. 





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