Examples of inclusive green economy approaches in UNDP's support to countries

15 Jun 2012

The task of harnessing opportunities afforded by an inclusive green economy approach can be challenging for policy makers and practitioners at all levels even when there is a common understanding of the potential gains across social, economic and environmental strands.  Country contexts differ widely with repsect to development starting points and priorities; political will and stability; institutional capacities; technical, financial, and natural resources; economic structure and postion within regional and global markets, etc.  Depending on these and other factors, there can be many different pathways and policy options for a shift to more inclusive and greener economies.

UNDP supports an array of nationally-defined development activities, applying corporate best practices incorporating environmental, governance, poverty reduction, capacity development, and gender perspectives.  UNDP's overall goal is to support developing countries in their transformational shift to low-emission, climate-resilient sustainable development. 

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