Green Commodities Programme Portfolio

01 Jan 2014

The Green Commodities Programme (GCP) was established by UNDP in 2009 in order to mainstream sustainability in the production and sale of agricultural commodities. The Programme combines public and private sector efforts to transform a commodity sector, bringing together the various stakeholders of the value chain to address underlying structural problems.


This document provides an overview of GCP’s portfolio of projects worldwide.









Green Commodities Programme Projects

  • GCP is currently leading projects in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
  • National Commodity Platforms, a mechanism pioneered by GCP to bring governments, private sector and civil society together to promote sustainable production and trade for a target commodity are now active in two countries and being established in six others.
  • GCP's projects are supported by major multinational companies such as Mondeléz, Ikea and Johnson and Johnson
  • To achieve its objectives, GCP relies on strong partnerships with governments, civil society organizations, commodity buyers, research institutions and commodity initiatives
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