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  • Indonesia Palm Oil Platform Newsletter June 2015Indonesia Palm Oil Platform Newsletter June 2015Jul 31, 2015The Indonesia Palm Oil Platform (InPOP) was set up in October 2014 by the Ministry of Agriculture to promote sustainability in the national palm oil supply chain. InPOP provides an open and transparent forum for all palm oil sector stakeholders - the government, the private sector, farmer communities, financial institutions and civil society - to agree and act on a common agenda that will maximise palm oil productivity (especially for smallholders) while mitigating the negative environemnt impacts. The first Newsletter was published in June 2015 to present the preliminary outcomes of the discussions of the four Working Groups laucnhed by the platform focusing on: smallholder capacity, the environment, governance and the Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) scheme.

  • Green Commodities Programme Factsheets Green Commodities Programme Factsheets Mar 1, 2015This series of factsheets provides key information on the Green Commodities Programme (GCP), set up by UNDP in 2009 to improve the national economic, social and environmental performance of agricultural commodity sectors, with a focus on rural livelihoods, climate change mitigation and ecosystem services and resilience.

  • International Seminar on Sustainable Production and Commodities PlatformsInternational Seminar on Sustainable Production and Commodities PlatformsMar 1, 2015This document gathers interviews from experts who participated in the International Seminar on Sustainable Production and Commodity Platforms. The Seminar took place in Paraguay and held discussions on sustainable agriculture, opportunities and challenges of producing and trading beef and soy and national commodities platforms: tools for dialogue and consensus building to take action

  • Green Commodities Programme BrochureGreen Commodities Programme BrochureJan 1, 2014The Green Commodities Programme (GCP) was established by UNDP in 2009 in order to mainstream sustainability in the production and sale of agricultural commodities. The Programme combines public and private efforts to transform a commodity sector, bringing together the various stakeholders of the value chain to address underlying structural problems. This document introduces the Programme, explains the rationale and need for it, describes its approach and highlights its added value and services.

  • International Guidebook of Environmental Finance Tools International Guidebook of Environmental Finance Tools Aug 22, 2012