Biodiversity: Delivering Results in Europe & the CIS

20 Sep 2012

Case studies from UNDP supported GEF financed projects in the ECIS

Humans bear the primary responsibility for the present unprecedented biodiversity loss at several levels – genetic, species, and ecosystems. Of all the problems the world faces in  managing ‘global goods’, only the loss of biodiversity is irreversible. It is important to realize that curbing biodiversity loss is in our own interest. When species experience  significant population declines, the result is the underlying loss in the quantity and quality of natural resources and the associated ecosystem services upon which we depend.

In Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (ECIS), there is ample evidence of these continuing losses. This publication presents some of the outcomes of GEF-funded work managed by UNDP in Europe and the CIS that aims to conserve biodiversity. The GEF and UNDP are proud to support the efforts of governments across Europe and the CIS to better protect their biodiversity endowments. The results achieved so far provide a solid basis for future action, whereby biodiversity conservation will need to be closely integrated with sustainable economic development and efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We hope this publication can inspire others to participate in the global conservation movement, and better secure our own future and economic and social welfare in so doing.

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