Ecosystems and Biodiversity

  • Making the Case for Ecosystem-based AdaptationDec 4, 2015Making the Case for Ecosystem-based AdaptationMaking the Case for Ecosystem-based Adaptation: Building on the Mountain EbA Programme in Nepal, Peru and Uganda, is a legacy document of the EbA Mountain Programme, delivered through a partnership between the German Government, UNEP, UNDP and IUCN, together with the Governments of Nepal, Peru and Uganda.

  • Legal Empowerment Strategies at WorkJun 12, 2014Legal Empowerment Strategies at Work

  • Environmental Justice - Comparative Experiences in Legal Empowerment Jun 12, 2014Environmental Justice - Comparative Experiences in Legal EmpowermentThis report outlines challenges and innovations arising around the world as communities and governments pursue an agenda of justice based on inclusive and sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. The paper highlights trends in strategies emerging across regions

  • Fast Facts: Biodiversity and EcosystemsOct 12, 2012Fast Facts: Biodiversity and EcosystemsEcosystems, species and genes - the building blocks of biodiversity - are being degraded at an unparalleled rate as natural resources are exploited without consideration for their broader value to the ecosystem and economic values.

  • Ecotourism Development: A Manual for Conservation Planners & Managers - Vol. IISep 14, 2004Ecotourism Development: A Manual for Conservation Planners & Managers - Vol. IIThe volume provides guidance on both key conservation management and key business development strategies. It includes an introduction to the critical elements of ecotourism management planning including zoning, visitor impact monitoring, visitor site design and management, income generation mechanisms, infrastructure and visitor guidelines. Part II outlines the business planning process.

  • Financial Sustainability Scorecard for National Systems of PA's - 2010Feb 15, 2010Financial Sustainability Scorecard for National Systems of PA's - 2010The purpose of the scorecard is to assist governments, donors and NGOs to investigate and record significant aspects of a PA financing system – its accounts and its underlying structural foundations – to show both its current health and status and to indicate if the system is holistically moving over the long-term towards an improved financial situation.

  • UNDP's Work on Biodiversity ManagementFeb 1, 2010UNDP's Work on Biodiversity ManagementThe brochure outlines UNDP's work on biodiversity management through two Signature Programmes: 1) Unleashing the economic potential of Protected Area systems and 2) Mainstreaming biodiversity management objectives into economic sector activities. It further highlights examples of UNDP's contributions towards the organization’s broader work on environment and sustainable development.

  • Belarus Project Guidebook on Peatland RehabilitationNov 9, 2010Belarus Project Guidebook on Peatland RehabilitationThe report provides a general description of the hydrology of natural, damaged mires and depleted peatlands, as well as technical approaches and methods of restoration of hydrological regimes currently applied in international practice and falling within the framework of the UNDP-GEF project on re-naturalization of degraded peatlands in Belarus.

  • Nov 1, 2009Integrated Solutions: Water, Biodiversity, and the Clean Development MechanismThe booklet, by Ecosystem Marketplace, provides context and background information on current developments in the payments for ecosystem services (PES) arena relevant to the Ghana Katoomba conference, held in Accra, Ghana, in October 2009. The conference is the fifteenth in a series of Katoomba conferences designed to stimulate and strengthen environmental markets around the world.

  • Biodiversity and the Millennium Development GoalsNov 30, 2003Biodiversity and the Millennium Development GoalsThe report focuses on the benefits of biodiversity and the MDGs. The importance of biodiversity to development objectives is also discussed in the context of the WEHAB Initiative and the Convention on Biological Diversity. The report also highlights the role of biodiversity in achieving the targets of each of the MDGs, and considers links between climate change, biodiversity and the MDGs.

Fast Facts
Fast Facts: Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Human survival and wellbeing depend upon biodiversity and healthy ecosystems, and the goods and services they provide—such as food, medicines, crop pollination, filtration of pollutants, and protection from natural disasters. This contribution is neither fully recognized nor valued in markets.  As a result, ecosystems, species and genes—the building blocks of biodiversity—are being degraded at an unparalleled pace as natural resources are being exploited without consideration for their broader ecosystem and economic values. The poor, especially in rural areas, face the most severe impacts of such changes as they directly depend on ecosystem goods and services for their survival and wellbeing.