Achievements in 2012: Strategic Initiative to Address Climate Change in Least Developed Countries

16 Oct 2013

Boots on the Ground Report

Through the Strategic Initiative to Address Climate Change in LDCs, aka "Boots on the Ground" UNDP provides institutional support and capacity development services to LDC governments in the area of climate change. The objective of the project is to support 26 low-income countries, including 23 LDCs, in the climate change arena by strengthening UNDP’s capacity to deliver high-quality and timely policy advice on climate change at the country level.

Developing countries are increasingly turning their attention to the formulation of comprehensive approaches to address climate change that include both human development and economic dimensions, as well as the investment decisions that need to be made to implement these. The ability to understand and adapt to climate change impacts, and chart growth paths that are low emission and pro poor is essential.


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