Climate Change


Managing Chemicals for Sustainable Development

This publication highlights UNDP's role as a facilitator of sound chemicals management for sustainable development. It focuses on the work that UNDP, with support from different trust funds and donors is undertaking in concert with partner countries to meet the aims of chemicals-relatedmore


Managing the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Process

The handbook was developed by UNDP with input from a wide range of institutions and national experts from Annex I and non-Annex I Parties. The objective of the handbook is to provide non-Annex I Parties with a strategic and logical approach to a sustainable inventory process. more


Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability

This guidebook assists planners working at the sub-national levels to identify and map the nature of current and future vulnerability to long-term climate change so that appropriate policies and intervention can be designed and implemented. more


Measuring Capacity

This paper attempts to help development practitioners unbundle the question, "what is the measure of capacity?" The paper presents a framework for better defining, capturing and communicating capacity development results. The framework begins with the end in mind – national developmentmore


Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer: 20 Years Success

2007 marks the 20th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer - the international treaty that aims to protect the ozone layer. The publication focuses on UNDP's contribution to the Montreal Protocol process and highlights its ongoing commitment to the importantmore


Multi-Stakeholder Decision-Making

This guidebook steers readers through constructing an adaptable and flexible multi-level, multi-sector, multi-stakeholder governance framework which is an essential tool for governments, practitioners, and concerned citizens to successfully develop and negotiate green, low-emission andmore


National Capacity Self-Assessment Synthesis Report

The report summarizes the challenges and opportunities experienced by countries in meeting their commitments under the Rio Conventions, as well as areas where more effort could yield better progress. It reveals the countries' top five capacity development needs to implement the internationalmore


National Capacity Self-Assessments

As a summary of the results and lessons learned from 82% of the 146 NCSAs, this report is a critical contribution to our knowledge of the types of capacities countries need to meet Rio Convention objectives. more


National Communications Support Programme October 2010 Newsletter

The National Communications Support Programme October 2010 Newsletter, with features on Peru and Montenegro. Peru faces many challenges in its attempt to respond to the UNFCCC recommendation to create a permanent mechanism for providing updated national information on Greenhouse Gas (GHG)more

New report urges governments to take swift action to face climate challenges

Governments around the world should take immediate actions to adapt to the impact of changing weather patterns on a wide range of economic and social activities, according to a top policy official of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) at the launch of a report releasedmore

Latest Publication
Readiness for Climate Finance

The paper presents a framework for understanding what it means to be “ready” to plan for, access, deliver, and monitor climate finance in a transformative way at the national level.  The aim is provide policy-makers with an overall lens through which readiness and preparatory activities offered by a range of international, regional, and national partners can be organised.