Climate Change

  • Gender Adaptation FundGender Adaptation FundNov 1, 2010This short flyer explores the gender dimensions of climate finance mechanisms, focusing on the Adaptation Fund, its creation and its mandate. It addresses the challenges of designing and implementing climate change adaptation programmes in vulnerable countries and provides status to date on gender and suggestions for moving forward.

  • AAP: UNDP and JICADec 1, 2010This flyer describes some of the areas of collaboration between UNDP and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in their work on climate change and the Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP).

  • Advancing CCA in Developing Countries: The UNDP-GEF Adaptation PortfolioJul 1, 2010Overview of UNDP’s support to adaptation initiatives in developing countries funded by GEF-managed UNFCCC funds – LDCF and SCCF, and the GEF Trust Fund’s SPA.

  • Staying on Track: Tackling Corruption Risks in Climate ChangeStaying on Track: Tackling Corruption Risks in Climate ChangeNov 17, 2010The UNDP report was launched during the 14th International Anti Corruption Conference in Bangkok in November 2010. It maps out major corruption risks in the areas of adaptation and REDD+ and makes recommendations to identify actions to minimize these risks.

  • Gender and Climate Change - AfricaGender and Climate Change - AfricaJan 7, 2014

  • Gender and Climate Change - Asia and the PacificAdaptation

  • Community Based Adaptation to Climate ChangeCommunity Based Adaptation to Climate ChangeJan 1, 2010The Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) programme seeks to encourage systemic change in national adaptation-related policy through evidence based results from a portfolio of community-driven climate change risk management projects. The programme promotes global learning related to community adaptation by sharing lessons from a range of initiatives focusing on natural resource management.

  • National Capacity Self-Assessment Synthesis ReportSep 16, 2010The report summarizes the challenges and opportunities experienced by countries in meeting their commitments under the Rio Conventions, as well as areas where more effort could yield better progress. It reveals the countries' top five capacity development needs to implement the international treaties related to biodiversity, climate change, desertification and drought.

  • Measuring CapacityJul 22, 2010This paper attempts to help development practitioners unbundle the question, "what is the measure of capacity?" The paper presents a framework for better defining, capturing and communicating capacity development results. The framework begins with the end in mind – national development goals. Download this Document * Complete Report English

  • Capacity Development: A UNDP PrimerCapacity Development: A UNDP PrimerJan 1, 2009

Latest Publication
Readiness for Climate Finance

The paper presents a framework for understanding what it means to be “ready” to plan for, access, deliver, and monitor climate finance in a transformative way at the national level.  The aim is provide policy-makers with an overall lens through which readiness and preparatory activities offered by a range of international, regional, and national partners can be organised.