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UNDP's Work in Environment and Sustainable Development

The report presents an overview of UNDP's work on environment and energy and how such efforts are helping to accelerate achievement of the MDGs. It aims to demonstrate the importance of environment and energy across multiple MDGs; share experiences as contribution to the MDG Review Summit; and tomore


Perspectives on REDD+

This short document explores difficult questions in three articles that look at the challenges around the application of Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in stakeholder engagement for REDD+; the multiple ecosystem-based benefits of REDD+ beyond carbon; and Measuring, Reporting, Verificationmore


Local Governance and Climate Change: A Discussion Note

The Note tries to articulate in practical terms what has (or has not) been done by local governments (LGs) in addressing climate change, and what can be done to improve outcomes from this interface. The overall conclusion is that there is little hard evidence that climate change figures prominentlymore



This flyer describes some of the areas of collaboration between UNDP and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in their work on climate change and the Africa Adaptation Programme (AAP). more


Staying on Track: Tackling Corruption Risks in Climate Change

The UNDP report was launched during the 14th International Anti Corruption Conference in Bangkok in November 2010. It maps out major corruption risks in the areas of adaptation and REDD+ and makes recommendations to identify actions to minimize these risks. more


Draft Guidelines on Stakeholder Engagement in REDD+ Readiness

This note presents guidance on the key elements of effective stakeholder engagement in the context of REDD+ readiness for the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility and the UN-REDD Programme. It outlines principles for effective participation and consultation, operational guidelines, and practicalmore


Latin America and the Caribbean Human Development Report 2010

The Regional Human Development Report for Latin America and the Caribbean 2010 champions a new approach to understanding and tackling the prevailing inequality in terms of human development plaguing Latin American and Caribbean countries. The report is divided into six chapters, which explore themore


Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings

To increase the adoption of energy-efficient investments and behaviors in buildings, public policies are necessary to eliminate barriers that discourage stakeholders from pursuing energy efficiency. The report aims to help policymakers wishing to initiate or develop policies promoting energymore


Belarus Project Guidebook on Peatland Rehabilitation

The report provides a general description of the hydrology of natural, damaged mires and depleted peatlands, as well as technical approaches and methods of restoration of hydrological regimes currently applied in international practice and falling within the framework of the UNDP-GEF project onmore


UNDP & Climate Change Adaptation - A Quarterly Update of Activities (Issue 4)

The newsletter includes updates on projects, performance indicators, impacts and results, and policy and mainstreaming announcements on UNDP's activities around the world in support of climate change adaptation. more


Technology Needs Assessment Handbook

Building on lessons from earlier TNA efforts, the updated TNA Handbook offers a systematic approach for conducting TNA in order to identify, evaluate and prioritize mitigation and adaptation technologies. more


HDRO: Mobility and Migration

This note offers guidance for national and regional human development report teams that seek to investigate and strengthen the human development gains associated with migration in their countries. The note offers suggestions on how a report on mobility can be refined and conceptualized based on amore


Climate Finance Options Platform

This flyer provides an overview of the Climate Finance Options Platform, which analyzes the multitude of funds available for climate action in developing countries, or how to search the web's most comprehensive resource for climate finance information. more


Gender Climate Investment Funds

This short flyer explores the gender dimensions of climate finance mechanisms, focusing on Climate Investment Funds. All funds under the CIF have strong linkages to poor women’s and men’s livelihoods. Gendered patterns of energy use have significant, but often overlooked, implications for programmemore


Gender Clean Development Mechanism

This short flyer explores the gender dimensions of climate finance mechanisms, focusing on the Clean Development Mechanism. If utilized properly, the CDM can promote sustainable development in host countries by bringing new technologies into communities, which often leads to employmentmore


Gender Adaptation Fund

This short flyer explores the gender dimensions of climate finance mechanisms, focusing on the Adaptation Fund, its creation and its mandate. It addresses the challenges of designing and implementing climate change adaptation programmes in vulnerable countries and provides status to date on gendermore


Mapping Climate Change Vulnerability

This guidebook assists planners working at the sub-national levels to identify and map the nature of current and future vulnerability to long-term climate change so that appropriate policies and intervention can be designed and implemented. more


Habitat Banking in Latin America and the Caribbean

The report provides an assessment of the feasibility of building successful habitat mitigation banking schemes in the Latin America and Caribbean region, highlighting the value and opportunity for countries to adopt banking approaches to supplement their traditional conservation strategies. more


Financial Sustainability of Protected Areas in Latin America and the Caribbean

The report compares and aggregates official financial data and qualitative insights about the health of Protected Area (PA) financial sustainability for 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries. While the findings reveal the level of financial gap faced in the region, they also show that reducingmore


Biodiversity for Development

The primer titled "Biodiversity for Development: South Africa's landscape approach to conserving biodiversity and promoting ecosystem resilience" highlights innovative work carried out to promote biodiversity conservation and socio-economic development through partnerships between themore

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UNDP helps countries strengthen their capacity to address environmental and energy challenges at global, national and community levels, by seeking out and sharing best practices, providing innovative policy advice and linking partners through projects that help people in developing countries build sustainable livelihoods.

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